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A locally owned business specializing in quality pre-owned vehicles.

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Randy Claybrook has been working in, on and around cars for most of his life. He got his first ‘real’ job as a detailer when he was 15 years old and still in school. Randy has a passion for cars and quickly worked his way up to mechanic. After turning a wrench for so many years it just became a natural step for Randy to work his way into the sales end of the automotive industry and in 1978 he went to work for a new car franchise. 

Mr. Claybrook learned from the best in the industry at that Ford dealership. Throughout the two plus decades he worked there the dealership changed ownership several times. Each time, Randy was recognized for his loyalty to the company and commitment to his customers.

It was in 1999 when Randy made the move to go out on his own. Not only did he have a passion for cars, he also had a strong desire to run his own business. Keysville is the town he grew up in and it only made sense for him to open Keysville Auto Center. Today, he stocks between 15 and 30 vehicles and prides himself on having what the client wants. “Just a few weeks ago, we had nothing but trucks and SUV’s in stock and today we have more sedans and economy cars than we do anything else.” If he does not have what you are looking for he will use his network of auto auctions and other new car dealers to find it for you.

Randy’s wife, Conni, will stop in at the dealership from time to time. They have two boys and one girl. The older son, Matt, is a 2010 graduate of Virginia Tech; and the younger, Chad, is a freshman at Longwood. Randy’s daughter Calli is currently a junior in high school. In his free time, Randy enjoys quail hunting and helping Conni and Calli with their horses.


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